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Why blend in, when you can stand out?

They say a picture is worth a thousand words, but with only a few words, you can paint an indelible picture in your customer’s brain.  The Metaphor Maven will find the right words to draw attention, convey facts and abstractions with clarity, and make your message memorable.

Build your brand with titles that sing, taglines that zing, and descriptions that make your target audience want to know more.  Represent yourself and your business with clarity, reframe tricky issues, and highlight your distinctive skills.  Evoke memories and emotions with powerful language, and associate them with your products and projects.

Give me ten minutes, and I’ll show you why a metaphor makes your message unforgettable.

Guiding Metaphors


Your Guiding Metaphor is a figure of speech that symbolizes your identity, your actions, and your values.

Using vivid language and imagery, we will paint a verbal and a visual picture that distinguishes your firm and your brand in the minds of customers and colleagues.

Marketing Concepts

marketing the metaphor maven
From an understanding of your products, services and goals, imagination meets perspective and takes flight.

Through a process of creative collaboration, we generate ideas for everything from (re)branding and naming, product line extensions and new market niches, events and promotions, and more.

Mission Statements

mission the metaphor maven
Your Mission Statement specifies and clarifies your organizational goals.

With just a few sentences, we create a starting point for strategic planning, a yardstick for evaluating programs and ideas, and a source of focus and inspiration for management and staff.

Writing Services

We have the words to convey your message with clarity and power.


We write pitches that make a strong impression, whether it’s the first handshake with a potential client or a formal presentation to potential investors. We write bios that highlight your personality and values as well as your skills and experiences.  We write copy that makes a compelling case for your business with articulate explanations and well-told stories.

What problem does your product solve?   What makes it the best choice for your customer?   Show your customer why they should buy from you with writing that puts features and benefits into the context of customer needs and stories that demonstrate value and demolish sales objections.

No collaborative enterprise with long-term goals can succeed without teamwork and focus.   We help create themes, images and phrases that communicate those goals, unify differing agendas, and keep constituents inside and outside the company on track and inspired.

Bring your best self to the world, by using language and imagery to create a consistent image as a leader, a public speaker, and a representative of your organization or cause.  We show you how to express yourself with authenticity and clarity.

Technology Industry

The best technology provides elegant solutions to complex problems.   The best marketing brings eloquent simplicity to high-tech concepts.   We help tech companies explain what they do and how they do it, so their value is clear to everyone, not just industry insiders.

Science Industry

Through the power of the scientific method, pioneering companies are finding answers to crucial questions.  Using language, metaphor and meaning, we help those companies convey those discoveries to the marketplace, where proven facts become practical solutions.

Sales Professionals

When making your case, facts and figures are necessary, but not compelling.  We help sales organizations develop powerful statements and stories to articulate the benefit of your product, project or service.

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